Getting ready

From decluttering to deep cleaning to light paint touch ups/renovations to staging, getting your home ready for sale can be overwhelming. The “getting ready” stage is often the most time consuming part of the entire sale process, but it is also a very important part. A cluttered room or closet gives a buyer the impression that there is not enough room in the house.


It has been said that a buyer will make up his/her mind within 10 seconds of being in a home. We have seen the “look” time and time again. The pause when someone starts placing furniture is unmistakable. As such, staging is no longer a nice-to-do. All of us are impressed by a clean and beautifully decorated place that feels like home. We will help out with the finishing touches to fully staging a vacant house.



As “people” people, it is easy for us to stay in touch with any interested parties. We will report any feedback to you on a regular basis.


With over 30 years of combined real estate experience, we have seen it all. Most agents talk too much and miss all of the seemingly minor verbal and non-verbal cues. By paying attention and keenly listening to others, we won’t miss a beat and will skillfully negotiate on your behalf.

Essentially, we are here to help from the beginning to end, including preparing your home, setting a strategic sales price, showing/showcasing your home, and negotiating the most profitable sale price.

We have a large network of real estate partners, including: real estate lawyers, home inspectors, handymen, painters, etc, that we can refer to you with confidence. We also often act as a liaison between you and these partners if you are too busy and/or to ensure everything is on track. Our goal is to make your real estate transaction an easy, stress free and positive experience.


Pricing in Toronto’s fast-paced market is clearly the most important part of the sale. We will provide a detailed analysis of neighbourhood sales and a market overview, as well as stay on top of daily changes. We also have a vast network of realtor contacts that share information on houses not listed on the public market.