Our approach mirrors our outlook on life: loads of optimism, determination and compassion. We have both traveled the world extensively, and a result, we are sensitive to the needs and differences of a wide variety of cultures and their traditions. We embrace all types of people, and know a lot of cool things about Toronto.

When a transferee and his/her family moves across the country or an ocean, they need to rebuild their lives from scratch. This can be stressful and difficult and take several months if not more than a year, particularly so if English is not their first language and doubled again if a young family is involved. Once the excitement of the move, the new city and home is over, it is often replaced with what’s next?

This where we step in.

Relocation Specialists are realtors who care a lot about their clients and help them with this stressful transitional phase. We help them do this faster so they’re happier, more productive at work, and have a more successful relocation.

Why Relocation Specialists Toronto?

  • We are experienced realtors with a focus on helping employees, spouses and their families recreate the lifestyle they left and build their personal lives.
  • Most realtors will sell you a home and are never heard from again; we are always here if you need help.
  • Most relocation companies offer a wide range of services, from shipping to finding a home. Because our goal is so clear to us, we deliver a very high level of personalised service. In addition, relocation companies are a giant bureaucracy and can get in the way of the realtor and the transferee; with us, there will always be clear and efficient communication.
  • We do this because we love it.