What does concierge service mean to us? Firstly, we are both knowledge seekers, and we love to share any interesting tidbits that we uncover. We also ask pertinent questions and get answers to tough questions. We never give up.

We know that moving to a new city or country is not easy, even if you have done it before. In fact, we know it takes a minimum of a year to feel comfortable and establish a new community. Because we have helped out numerous transferees, we can anticipate so many of your settling in needs. We help you with everything and anything, including: government forms, introduction to schools, social clubs, pet services, lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, yoga studio, hairdressers and much more. While the needs are many in the beginning, rest assured that we will always be available to you while you are in Toronto.

If you are leaving our fair city, we will help you disconnect from your life here, so that you can begin a new phase of your life without any hassles.

These “extras” are actually the most fun part of being a realtor and Toronto aficionados. For fun, we are constantly exploring the city for the newest shops, restaurants and services. When we have a positive experience, we can’t wait to share it with all of our friends and clients.

The bottom line is that we will always provide that “little extra” to help you “recreate” your home.