We have assisted hundreds of buyers in relocating their homes, and we have both moved ourselves in the past year. Yvonne and her family, consisting of her husband and two small children, have moved three times in the past five years. The first step is to speak to a knowledgeable mortgage broker/agent when first considering buying. They will help you to understand your purchase price potential and comfort level of payments. This step is even more crucial for foreign buyers who need to understand the local process and provide additional necessary information.Know your market and don’t be intimidated by the current trends in an area: bidding, pre-emptive offers and holdbacks.

We know and understand your closings costs. Yvonne worked in the financial services industry for a decade prior to real estate and is keenly aware that real estate is the single largest investment for the majority of people. Be prepared and know what funds you have to set aside for last minute expenses, so you are not caught off guard.

We also strongly recommend you make a list of “must-haves”, “would-like” and “don’t-cares”. At the end of the day, we make sure you are armed with a 360 view and also help you to be realistic. Our highest priority is to ensure that you buy with confidence.


You have just accepted a transfer to Toronto. You and your family are not sure how long you will be staying. We can help you out with temporary stays as well. Just maybe you will fall in love with Toronto and want to stay forever!